How to Convince Customers to Get a Remodel

How to Convince Customers to Get a Remodel

One of the hardest aspects of managing a home remodeling company is figuring out how to close out customers who are hesitant. More »

Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

When a year comes to a close, it is always a good time to take a look at some of the remodeling trends we saw in the past 12 months. More »


Top Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

washroomWhen a year comes to a close, it is always a good time to take a look at some of the remodeling trends we saw in the past 12 months. Not only are some of these trends very indicative of how 2017 is going to look, but they can provide some tips for remodelers who are looking to offer their customers something a little different. Customers always want something new, and with a look at these trends, you can think about changing up the home remodeling in Philadelphia service you are currently offering. And with that in mind, here is a look at some of the top home remodeling trends for the past year:

Luxury Appliance Suites

The types of appliances your customers are going to request for their kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia project depends heavily on their budget. When you get customers who have a high budget to complete said remodel, it is a good idea to target them with deals on luxury appliances suites. And the past year saw these suites get even more expensive and luxurious. Now there are “super-premium” home appliance suites available, which include fridges, cooktops, ranges and dishwashers in one design. When a homeowner wants to completely revamp their kitchen, they are going to love the idea of getting a suite of brand new appliances to use on a daily basis.

living-roomRestaurant Features Are More Popular

Having fancy grills and smokers set up in the back yard is nothing new for homeowners that start a home remodel Philadelphia, and they have been doing it for decades. But having some of these fixtures inside the kitchen is a new trend, especially where smokers are concerned. The Smoker Cabinet from Kalamazoo is a fascinating product, and it has been purchased by many customers who got a remodel completed in 2016. The cabinet is a beautiful piece of work, which ensures it looks great as a sectioned cabinet of the kitchen. But the cabinet’s true magic is revealed when the smoker is turned on!

Bathroom Remodels Are Appealing

Many homeowners are hesitant to spend a ton of money on a home remodel these days. But they are willing to start small, which is why bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia has been very popular over the past 12 months. Bathroom remodels are generally less expensive, offer tangible and immediate benefits and do not take as long as kitchen remodels. If you have customers who want to try out a small remodel before committing to something more, talk them into a bathroom remodel.

Virtual Reality?

It is unusual to think of virtual reality and home remodeling in the same sentence, but there is a link between the two that some remodelers are exploring. The Lowe’s Holoroom was the first example of a device that used virtual reality technology to display upgraded kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms to homeowners who were interested in buying certain fixtures or getting their entire property remodeled. Other remodelers may want to figure out a way to incorporate this technology into their sales pitch, because a virtual reality showing of the homeowner’s “new” kitchen and bathroom is a great way to get them to agree to a remodel!

Water Saving Fixtures

Being environmentally conscious is becoming more popular with each passing year, and many customers talk about saving water when they want to get their home remodeled. Water saving toilets, water heaters and other fixtures are some of the things they are interested in adding to their homes, at the right price. Some are even willing to pay the high prices for the more expensive fixtures, if it means they are going to save on water in the long-run.

Each of these trends are very interesting, and they offer plenty of food for thought for remodelers around the country. Some of these trends may carry into 2017, but we will probably see a new and varied list of home remodeling trends twelve months from now!

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