Our Mission

The goal behind our annual home remodelers’ meeting is to try and get people interested and excited in the idea of sharing their experiences from the past year. While we anticipate most of our guests will come from the Philadelphia area, we are hoping for plenty of attendees from other parts of the state, while some may even travel to the event from neighboring states. And with everyone having experiences in a different city or state, we can share these experiences with each other in a bid to learn about how we can improve our businesses.

We hope the event will last for at least a couple of days. The goal is to get a few high profile speakers from the remodeling community. At least one of the speeches will talk about the trends we saw in 2016, and the ones experts are anticipating for 2017. The other speeches may include personal stories and anecdotes from fellow remodelers, or we may delve towards a discussion about how to grow your business in such a competitive economy. And we hope that our guests and speakers can both contribute to the discussion on these matters. Every conversation is more interesting when everyone provides their unique point of view.

Currently, we have set up our event with the intention of having it on a single occasion. However, if the event is a success, we see no reason why it cannot become a yearly event. The success of the event, and future events, all depends on the enthusiasm shown by attendees. We encourage all remodelers to attend the event if they have time. Whether you have opened your remodeling business over the past few months, or you have been hustling in the Philadelphia market for many years, we welcome your presence and input in our discussions.

The best events are the ones where you leave having learned something – and we hope our event can match such high standards. We understand that many of our attendees may be new to the home remodeling industry, or they may be aspiring remodelers, and we want to provide them with a thorough introduction to our community. If these newcomers take some of the things they hear and apply those bits of advice to their business, we have no doubt they will find success in the coming years. And these are the types of potential success stories we want to be a part of.

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