About Us

With trends and techniques for home and kitchen remodels changing every year, we believe it is really important for companies involved in the industry to have a way to share ideas and talk about their experiences over the past 12 months. In many ways, we would like to think of our event as an annual conference for home remodelers all around the United States. Whether you are operating out of your home, or you have a massive home remodeling business in your city, you are welcome to attend our annual meeting and to share your stories and experiences from 2016.

We believe the best way to do even better in the coming year is to really reflect on what went on in 2016. We saw plenty of new home remodeling trends, while some interesting trends also emerged with respect to kitchen and bathroom remodels. All of these trends can help companies as they look to get more customers in the coming year, but it is all about marketing to consumers in a clever and thoughtful way. At our meeting, we hope a few remodelers can speak about the challenges they faced in marketing their business, and how they overcame those challenges.

As for us – we have been a part of the home remodeling industry for many years. And our long experience with the industry has taught us that businesses have to stick together. In some ways, we are all competing against each other for the same customers. But no one knows about the trials and tribulations of running a remodeling service better than your fellow home remodelers! So instead of looking at each other as the enemy, it is important for us to get together and help each other in any way we can. By working together, we can all make progress in 2017.

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