How to Convince Customers to Get a Remodel


One of the hardest aspects of managing a home remodeling company is figuring out how to close out customers who are hesitant. Home remodeling in Philadelphia is a business that has been performing very well over the past few years, as more people learn about the benefits of remodeling their bathrooms, kitchen or entire home. But there are plenty of customers who come into the shop, talk about what they want from a home remodel, but are hesitant to close the deal. They are either concerned about the financial aspect of the plan, or they do not know if the remodel is worthwhile. So how can a business close these types of customers? We have some tips.

  1. Play Up the Advantages

When it comes to home and kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia, the best way to entice a customer into committing on a remodel plan is to talk up the short and long-term benefits of such a remodel. Talk with the customer about how they are going to have so much more fun cooking in a brand new kitchen, as opposed to the old kitchen they are currently tired of using. Also speak with them about how their home’s value rockets up when they get their kitchen and bathrooms remodel. The ability to recoup an investment is something all homeowners are interested to hear about.

  1. Start Smallduo

If you have sat down and created a massive plan for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia with a customer, but you sense they may be hesitating on agreeing to the remodel, take a different approach. Advise them to start small. Maybe the first project is to remodel one of the bathrooms in the house. And when the work is done, the customer can assess whether the benefits were worth the cost of the remodel. If they like what they see, they are going to want more remodeling work done. And if they do not want any more work done, at least you got a small amount of paid work completed for the customer!

  1. Go Beyond Aesthetics

Many people who come into a remodeling company’s offices are eager to talk about the aesthetic impact of a home remodel. They want to get their home revamped because they are tired of how it looks. And that is a good thing. But you should always play up the practical benefits of getting a remodel, such as the new fixtures they would have in the bathroom and kitchen, along with other material benefits. When a customer knows they are going to get more than a pretty house when the remodel is complete, they are more likely to commit to the financial cost of said remodel.

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